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Does your baby fall asleep while feeding?

Babies falling asleep while breastfeeding is a very common observation for mothers especially during the first few months after childbirth.

Some of the reasons for your little one to fall asleep while feeding are:

1. The most common reason for babies to fall asleep during nursing is when they have a full tummy and are satisfied with the feed. If this happens, you will notice that your baby would leave your breast and sleep with her hands wide open.

2. Your infant may quit feeding and opt for sleeping in frustration when there is low milk supply and she is unable to suck properly. It can happen possibly because of a shallow latch by your child or slow milk production by your body.

3. The composition of breastmilk and the baby's hormonal response to nursing make her sleepy while breastfeeding. This, however shall not stay for long and will go away with time.

4. Your little one is low in energy levels during this time. Hence, it is quite possible that she gets tired while feeding and falls asleep in the process.

5. An infant's eating and sleeping routine is very different from that of a parent. As a result, your baby may set a schedule for herself and sleep after short breastfeeding sessions (say five minutes). This can disrupt your sleep cycle to a great extent, but your little one will outgrow this habit as she grows.

6. If your baby is suffering from jaundice, there are chances that she gets cranky and sleeps often during her feeds because of decreased appetite and fatigue. If this happens, consult with a doctor for medication and make sure she feeds properly.

You may talk to our lactation consultant Dr Gauri for advice on how to deal with the situation and ensure that your baby doesn't stay hungry for long hours. Stay calm and don't take much stress. With an expert's help and supervision, everything will turn out well!

Happy Parenting ..!




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