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How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow ?

We're big fans of pregnancy pillows and truly believe they can make all the difference in supporting you and your bump when you're expecting. But once you've picked your pillow of choice, how exactly do you use it?

As you might expect, this can depend on the type you choose to purchase, along with your own requirements.

Types of pregnancy pillows

A full-length body pillow may take up a lot of room in your bed but it's very versatile and can completely align with you, supporting the length of your body along with your bump.

A wedge pillow is a triangular type of pillow that is useful for relieving strain from your belly when sleeping on your side. These pillow types are also great as maternity or nursing pillows.

A U-shaped pregnancy pillow is another larger pillow you may want to invest in. Surrounding the majority of your body, it can support both your belly and back at the same time and is especially useful for those of us who toss and turn at night as you won't have to bring the pillow with you each time.

Full-length Body Pillow

Most women choose to use a full-length pregnancy pillow by hugging the pillow to them, resting their bump against it and propping one leg on top of it and one below.

Wedge Pillow

The most popular way to use a wedge pregnancy pillow is by using it as a belly prop to support the underside of your belly when lying on your side. This will help ensure proper spinal alignment.

You can also use it under your regular pillow (with the higher end starting at the top of your head) as this can help with heartburn and acid reflux. A third way to use the wedge pillow is to pop it between your thighs

U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This one is nice and straightforward - simply wrap the U-shaped around you, resting your bump and back against either side. As with a full-length pillow, you'll probably want to prop one leg on top and another below.

You can also use your U-shaped pregnancy pillow to support your back as you sit.

Remember in the third trimester (after 28 weeks of pregnancy), it is advised to sleep only on your side as this is safer for your baby.


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