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Importance of daily foetal movement count

Babies tend to move around a lot in the second trimester. You'll probably start to feel those first kicks at about 16-25 weeks (average is about 20-22 weeks), and it is variable for every pregnancy.

This isn't a test exactly -- it's something you would chart on your own, and let your doctor know if there's a problem.

How to:

Sit or lie on your side in a comfortable spot during a time of day when your baby is usually active. This may be after eating or moving around. If you lie down, lie on your left side, since your baby will have better circulation. There are many ways to chart movements, however the most reliable is to record the number of foetal movements perceived by you for one hour after food (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Foetal movements were considered satisfactory if the count was three or more on each occasion. You may start counting movements after 28 weeks and every day after that

Importance :

Kicking is proof that the little one is growing and developing. For the same reason, it is crucial to keep a count of your baby's kicks during your pregnancy. The decrease in the movement can be a sign of trouble. So, mostly pregnant women are encouraged to monitor or chart their babies' kicks beginning in the 28th week of pregnancy to avoid any complications.

Complaints of decreased fetal movement are significant and warrant further evaluation by your obstetrician, so in case of reduced or absent movements, visit your obstetrician at the earliest.

Happy Parenting..!


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