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Meditation Guide for pregnancy, the must know facts

As a mother, you will have to constantly adjust to, and cope with all the transitions you go through. These are beyond your control and may cause discomfort.

Meditation comes to play a key role when tackling any difficulties that may arise during pregnancy.

It can bring relief and help you accept the various stages of your pregnancy thus enabling you to flow through this beautiful phase of your life with ease. It will also help you to enjoy the reality that a new life is blossoming inside of you.

How does meditation help during pregnancy?
  1. Meditation initiates a healing process and aids in the overall well-being of the baby.

  2. Meditation is all about increasing the life force or prana in the body. During pregnancy you need a lot of energy for the growth of the baby; practicing meditation can prove to be very beneficial for both the mother and child.

  3. Meditation directly affects your diet. The body stops craving junk food. Awareness dawns, and you are able to make healthier food choices. This is vital for proper nourishment of the baby.

Why should you meditate?

Meditation helps you stay calm and deal with the common pregnancy problems. Here’s why you should meditate.

  1. Mood swings and emotional upheavals are common during pregnancy. As the baby’s senses develop, it can sense every emotion that you undergo. It is quite important that you stay happy, relaxed and peaceful. Sahaj Samadhi Meditation is especially good at this time, both for you and the baby. In fact, you can meditate even three to four times a day all through your pregnancy with the Sahaj mantra.

  2. Meditation relaxes your mind and helps you cope effectively at the emotional level. It is also an excellent way to relax your body. It can help release the pressure on the spinal cord so that you feel more comfortable during the last phase of your pregnancy.

  3. Hectic lifestyles have made hypertension and diabetes a common occurrence during pregnancy. Meditation can help deal with these issues so that the mother has a higher chance of natural delivery without complications.

How should you meditate?

For a happy pregnancy, it’s a good idea to meditate together with your loved ones. Group practice always has a far greater impact. Meditation can help keep everyone relaxed and joyful. At the same time, it can keep you alert and aware during this delicate and crucial time of your life. So enjoy your pregnancy and bring out a happy soul out of you.

Happy Parenting...!


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