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Pregnancy Care in Winters

Pregnancy sometimes becomes a little difficult during winter months for some expectant mothers. They become susceptible to infections, cough, and cold, and the chill in the air leads to pains and aches as intake of medicines is restricted during this period. Breezing through it is definitely possible if pregnant ladies prepare in anticipation on how to face the harsh climate during pregnancy.

Pregnancy care during this season should invariably include adequate protection by wearing the right type of garments, eating the right kind of food, keeping the skin hydrated and above all elevating the immunity level of the body.

Some practical tips are rounded up here to help pregnant women sail through this season without facing the severity of the winter season:

  • Always dress-up snuggly in layers : Being comfortable and warm is the most essential thing in the winter season. There are a number of options such as wearing a tank top or t-shirt, a cardigan or new winter jacket, a buttoned shirt or a lightweight scarf to get through the weather changes. Though it may be tempting to wear the regular coat that you own, a new jacket that fits well will help you stay healthy and survive easily when the winter elements get hard.

  • Drink plenty of fluids : Winter, with its chilly weather, makes one avoid or subconsciously forget drinking water, which is not good for pregnant women. As the winter air is dry, the body needs extra water during winters. It will not be conducive if you try to substitute water with beverages. Though coconut water and juices are excellent options, water is the best way to keep the system hydrated. Dehydration can lead to preterm labour and a host of other problems.

  • Get checked for cold & get a Flu Vaccine : Most pregnant ladies are apprehensive and fear that it might affect the baby if they take any counter medicine. The fear is reasonable and understandable, but if you suffer from cold and flu for more than three consecutive days, you should visit a doctor and get treated for the ailment. It is also advisable to get a flu vaccine as the immune system takes a hit during pregnancy. It has been declared by The Centre for Disease Control that the flu vaccine is safe for expectant mothers and unborn babies.

  • Watch your Diet : Winter is fraught with various diseases, and it is synonymous with flu and a runny nose. It is that time of the year when fruits should be included in the diet mandatorily. If you are pregnant and steering clear of the off-the-counter medicines, it is advisable to add a lot of fruits in the diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sure to strengthen your immune system to fight the diseases and keep your body hydrated as well. Including saffron in the diet or milk will keep your body protected and warm.

  • Regular Exercise : When it is severely cold, it is not easy to go for a walk as the ice-cold and chilly air makes the lungs feel like they are filled with icicles. For pregnant ladies, it is even more difficult. Some indoor exercises can be an excellent substitute to keep yourself fit and safe. You can go to a local indoor pool, join a gym, go to a local mall or buy a yoga mat and yoga DVD to stay fit and active during peak winters during pregnancy.

  • Stay Indoors as much as possible : When you are pregnant, your body becomes more sensitive and vulnerable to diseases. It can be very harmful if your body is exposed to extreme weather conditions, and the germs can harm the mother and the baby. The sensitive body during pregnancy takes time to adjust to the changed atmosphere of chilly winds outside after leaving the warm and cosy house.

  • Wash your hands regularly :Washing your hands regularly is the best way to avoid germs, especially during pregnancy. After running errands, it is quite important to wash your hands before coming in contact with any family members or friends. If there isn’t a sink nearby, use a hand sanitiser. After every bathroom break and before eating anything, you must wash your hands properly, keeping in mind the safety of the baby in the womb.

  • Use Moisturiser for your skin : he skin becomes dry when coupled with the harsh winter breeze, which steals away the moisture content leaving it dry and lifeless. Use lukewarm water for bathing and avoid hot baths no matter how tempting it may seem. After taking a bath, you must immediately moisturise your skin as the open pores will take in the moisturiser, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple. Apply a generous quantity of moisturiser on your elbows, hands, belly, and chest. Your body will feel grateful for the pamper shown during pregnancy, and you will be able to manage the skin troubles women often experience during pregnancy.

Surviving a winter pregnancy is easier than you think if you take care of yourself and keep these precautions in mind. You can always contact us for appointment if you have any concern about your health.


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