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Top 7 Women’s Health Problems in India

A healthy woman is a happy woman that has been said but do we pay attention to our bodily transformations. Throughout life, a woman’s body goes through tremendous shifts we get so busy in living that we seldom pay any attention. Indian women’s lifestyle mostly demands so much attention to her family rather than herself. There are many threats to Women’s Health let us see the top 7 Women’s health problems in India.

1. Breast cancer:

Breast cancer is caused by several factors some of them include hormonal and environmental changes. Breast cancer is created by damage to a cell’s DNA. Gene Mutations BRCA1 and BRCA2 can increase your risk of breast cancer and is likely to be passed from parent to child.

Breast cancer Screening for breast cancer can be done by mammograms and MRI. A mammogram is a breast x-ray that helps to diagnose breast cancer. MRI uses magnets and radio waves to take images of the breast.

Treatment for breast cancer is done by lumpectomy. It is the tumor removal method for breast cancer. If the entire breast is removed surgically then it is called Complete Mastectomy. When breast, areola, and nipple are cut and the skin stays intact, it is called skin-sparing mastectomy.

Precaution of breast cancer can be done by maintaining a healthy weight. Limit alcohol consumption, exercise regularly. Patients with a family history of Cancer can get their doctor’s advice on this.

2. Heart Disease:

It is the most common disease in humans. The heart is one of the important organs of human beings. It starts functioning when the embryo is formed and continues its job until the individual passes away. Many diseases affect the heart, women, in particular, are vulnerable to it. Some of the Heart Diseases are:

  1. Atherosclerosis – It is caused by the hardening of the arteries and leads to heart attack and strokes.

  2. Heart Arrhythmias – If the rhythm of the heart is abnormal then it is called Arrhythmias. It can be too slow or very fast.

  3. Dilated Cardiomyopathy – The heart muscles grow thick and stiff, some symptoms include exhaustion, inflammation in legs, bloating, and shortness of breath.

Causes of heart disease are:

  • Plaque buildup in the arteries

  • Diabetes

  • Obesity

  • Smoking

  • Family history of Heart Disease

  • Depression

Individuals with Diabetes, Kidney disease, and hypertension have a high risk of developing Heart Disease.

Screening of disease is possible by the following methods:

  • ECG: Records heart signals from the heart by placing electrodes.

  • Treadmill Test: It checks whether the heart receives a good amount of oxygen when you are exercising and helps to identify if someone is suffering from coronary heart disease. It is also used when someone is planning to get into an intense fitness program.

  • Coronary angiogram: In a coronary angiogram, they use an x-ray to analyze blood flow in blood vessels. It shows the severity of the disease and the buildup of plaque in arteries.

Treatment of disease:

Lifestyle changes are major to manage heart diseases.

  • Reduce intake of fried items and salt.

  • Exercising at least 3 to 4 days a week.

  • Restrict Alcohol consumption

  • Quit smoking.

  • Taking prescribed medications on time


  • Keep your cholesterol in control

  • Blood pressure must be monitored regularly

  • Manage your stress levels

  • Diabetes Management

  • Diet control

3. Depression:

People feel sad or low sometimes, this is natural. If these feelings are prolonged then it can affect the person and those who are around them. Depression is now commonly found among women of all age groups.

Depression is caused due to many reasons some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Genetics

  2. Stress

  3. Nutrition deficiency

  4. Brain chemistry imbalance

  5. Traumatic events

  6. Physical Health issues

  7. Hormone Imbalance

Depression can be screened with the help of a Doctor who analyses you and your lifestyle. Few screening tests are conducted to analyse you and the results help the Doctor to proceed with the treatment.

Treatment of Depression involves two parts: the individual effort and community effort.

  • People suffering from depression must have adequate amounts of sleep.

  • They must be regular to exercise.

  • They must have good nutritious food.

  • Social Networking helps to avoid Isolation which again plays a role in Depression.

4. Obesity

Obesity in women can be caused by polycystic ovary syndrome. An obese woman is at the risk of developing diabetes and Heart Disease.

Obesity can be caused due to many reasons some of them are

  1. Genetics

  2. Stress

  3. Inactivity

  4. Food intake

  5. Some medicines

  6. Depression

  7. Heart Disease

  8. Cancer

Obesity can be screened by calculating BMI or Body Mass Index. Body mass index takes into account the height and weight of the person. BMI standard varies for Men and women.

Treatment for obesity incorporates the following ways

  • Exercise

  • Diet

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Medicine

  • Surgery

Precautions for obesity are as follows:

Avoid sweets

Avoid fried items

Avoid excess eating

Take some physical activity

5. Osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is caused by the dwindling of bones and can result in a fracture. Osteoporosis is common among women 35 years of age.

Some causes of Osteoporosis are

  1. Old age

  2. Alcohol consumption

  3. Cigarette smoking

  4. Calcium deficiency

  5. Hormonal imbalance in a woman

  6. Hyperthyroidism

  7. Vitamin D deficiency

  8. Body frame size

Osteoporosis can be determined by a Bone Density Test. It is usually recommended for women aged 65 and above. The DXA machine is used to determine the bone density of Hip and Spine. People with Osteoporosis have a good chance to fracture this.

Treatment of Osteoporosis can be done by

  • Exercise

  • Calcium supplements

  • Vitamin D supplement

  • Avoid Alcohol

  • Quit smoking

Precautions of Osteoporosis are

  • Avoid lifting Heavy

  • Avoid intense Exercises

  • Cut caffeine

  • Avoid bending and turning of the torso

6. Diabetes:

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused when the body cannot produce enough insulin. Diabetes is of two types Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes.

Some of the causes of Diabetes in women are

  1. Old age

  2. Overweight

  3. Hereditary

  4. Lack of Exercise

  5. High Cholesterol

  6. Hypertension

  7. Gestational Diabetes

  8. Hyperthyroidism

  9. Polycystic ovary syndrome

Screening for Diabetes:

  • Fasting plasma glucose test

  • A1c test

  • Random plasma glucose test

  • Glucose challenge test (Gestational Diabetes)

  • Oral Glucose tolerance test

Treatment for Diabetes:

  • Insulin shots

  • Exercise

  • Diet

  • Avoid weight gain

  • Cut Alcohol

  • Quit smoking

Precaution for Diabetes:

  • A patient must not skip meals

  • Take adequate water

  • Avoid fried foods

  • Maintain Blood cholesterol

  • Monitor Blood pressure

7. Dementia

Dementia is a condition that is characterized by deterioration of memory, thinking, and capacity to do daily activities.

Dementia can be caused by many reasons:

  1. Hypertension

  2. Stress

  3. Genetics

  4. Lifestyle

  5. Inflammation

  6. Brain tumors

Screening of Dementia can include some tests:

  • General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition – A cognition-based test which can be followed by an interview

  • Mini-mental state Examination – It is another cognition based test a minimum of 24 out of 30 is needed to pass this test. Draw time mentioned by the examiner

  • Accessing Mood – Accessing mood swings helps to relate it with Dementia.

Treatment for Dementia:

  • Medicine

  • Music

  • Antioxidants

  • Change in Environment

  • Exercise

  • Keep a timetable

Precautions for Dementia:

  • Memory loss

  • Use GPS

  • Inform Neighbors about it

When we’re sick our body gives us symptoms, Please self-assess and take precautionary steps to handle illnesses caused by lifestyle and environmental changes. Are you finding it hard to assess and want to be sure if you are doing fine?

Contact us now we will assist you on the same.


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